Tank Outlet or Suction Oil Heaters
Tank Outlet & Pipe Line Installation Procedures


These heaters reduce the viscosity of oil by pre-heating, thus facilitating withdrawal of oil from bulk storage.

OPERATION: Steam or hot water flows through the tubes while oil flows outside the tubes, which are baffled to assure efficient heating.

Pressures Steam Side Oil Side
Working (P.S.I) 150 150
Test (P.S.I.) 300 300


CONSTRUCTION: Heads are cast iron or steel. Tubes are heavy gauge steel. Tube sheets and baffles are steel. Tube bundles are removable. Heads are removable without emptying contents of tank.

A special M & L swing valve is available which will permit closing off the shell of suction heaters inside the oil tank so that the tube bundle can be withdrawn, if required, without the necessity of first emptying the tank.

-For other oil heating ranges, use multipliers shown in the "Table of Multipliers". As an example, the oil heating range in the "Table of Capacities" is 20° to 100° F, when using steam at pressures shown. If the oil, however, is to be heated from 40° to 120° F, instead of 20° to 100° F, multiply the capacity shown in the "Table of Capacities" by multiplier 0.75, obtained from the "Table of Multipliers", to arrive at the new capacity for the alternate heating range.

NOTE: Table of Multipliers below to be used only with Tank Outlet Oil heaters capacities above.