Plant Capabilities

Rubicon's Approach to Design of the Equipment:

Rubicon Industries Corp. designs and manufactures Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Reactors, Columns and Filter Vessels. The equipment is typically designed for process conditions, internal and external pressure and temperature, vacuum service, seismic, wind, and external loads. We examine the advantages of plate size and forming operations to minimize the number of weld seams.

Our in-house drilling, machining, and forming capabilities allow us to complete projects within scheduled time frames. Shop travelers are designed and accompany each project which make quality assurance an integral part in meeting the specifications, as well as our own standard of excellence.


Rubicon's offices are computerized, utilizing commercially available programs for project accounting, project management, shop floor control and labor distribution, component design, purchasing, and contract management. Some of our programs are:

- Autodesk - AutoCad 2022 CAD Design
- Microsoft - Project Manager Project Management
- Coade- PVElite/CodeCalc Thermal Rating & Design
- Aspentech - B-JAC Contact Management
- Symantec -ACT 3.0

Plant Capabilities